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Appearance of reality [22 Jul 2004|11:03am]
Just to set the record straight, I hate Courtney and Alyssa! You guys suck ok, get an LJ account because I hate making public entries. This is yet another public entry, just so you guys can stop complaining! Ok, so today my boy is coming back over from England. He's already here, he's just stopping back on a few places before he finally arrives here tonight. There's so much tension and focus..that I can't take it. I'm going crazy. I've taken days off university and work just so that I can do some things before he's over here.

He's the story of the year and the story of my life. I don't know how it all built up and got to this. I mean..I've known Jess for ages and all of a sudden I get to hookup with this dude from England, Jesse's buddy who comes along and my world's all changed for the better. I've seen countless decent looking men in all of these years but when I first met him, there was only one thing that I felt and kept thinking; you will be the death of me. He has so much potential and so much achieved already, that it's not even real to me sometimes. There are just so many things about him that are unreal. I've like never come across such a beautiful, pretty guy before who has the spirit of a boy and the wisdom and wit of an highly educated, unstoppable man. He has this awesome youthful arrogance that comes with intellect and experience, confidently witty and pretentiously feisty, loaded with sarcasm and very financially set. Hellooooo, he even rented a Benz and a few other cars (that he didn't even use?) all of the time he was here with Jess and purchased a few apartments for investment stuff too.

He has this unique way with words and people and is the kind of guy you'd wanna be seen around with every second of the day. I remember lots of cute girls trying to talk to him and him being himself, arrogant and shrugging them off as if they were nothing. Haha I was jealous ok! for like a few minutes until I realized this and was like hmm..hahah..punked! It's like when I added the LJ background he was like "chop off the head", he's so egotistical he doesn't even want everyone to know what he looks like and get pleasure out of him, even though he has this modelling portfolio and is the hottest guy I've seen. Am I in love yet? I think so. He's the kind of guy you can just stare at for hours on end and not even talk, because you don't really know what to say. And when he does talk, every word becomes a heartbeat, every motion and action becomes a special memory. He can sing and scream like any other, with the best of them, play a mean guitar with hotass accoustics and write killer lyrics. He's a cure for anything and has a cure for everything in my world and that's all that matters to me. Tyler is jealous of him and I will kick his ass!

Moving on from making you guys jealous! haha, I am sorry ok, I am so selfish. Ok so he'll be here for almost a month, give or take a few days..and we're going to bash up a few Warped tours and a few other places. Jess is back in a few days too, he's gone to Peoria IL, to find some other dude to replace Jeremy, the stupid jackass idiot who couldn't handle travelling and just awol'd from their band. They've planned a week in NY where they both have friends who'll give us the tour. I've never been to NY before and I'm really anxious to be there, it'll be the best thing ever.

Anyway..I've made this so long, can you believe I typed so much? I can't, please don't throw up and gross out on me, I had lots of spare time. Ok, so this be a shoutout to all my girls, hittin up the ode's to them ho's..I love you Courtney and Alyssa! I hope you enjoyed the story of the year. PS: I have to remember to delete or make private this entry before he next uses a PC..probably in another few weeks, if that. I'm such a sucker and I won't be updating this for a while..I'm in love. Bye!

I get e-mailed strange and time consuming stuff. [09 Jul 2004|04:00pm]
Anyway, here it goes.

My hair color is: black right now
My eye color is: aqua; green & blue
My height is: 5'6
My inspiration is: my bffl
My greatest quality: Jay can answer this ;p
My biggest defect: jealousy
My lucky number is: 1
My favorite color is: pink
My LJ name comes from: the greatest band on earth
I hate: illusive losers
I idolize: him
I wish: of a never ending story
I dream: of him always being there for me
I regret: smashing my guitar in rage
I remember: the first time I saw him
I feel: expressive, passionate and honest
I should: move to England real soon, sup..playa
I believe in: purity, conviction, trials and him

I look for: integrity, stability, confidence, style,
intelligence, charisma, personality, looks,
an awesome body with perfect abs 8x

I'm listening to: Flawed Perfection: death on a chessboard
I'm eating: my hair
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